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Water Quality Spot Checking: QA/QC, Data Analysis and Calibration Best Practices Webinar

Date: August 2, 2018

Time: 2:00 pm EDT

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Water quality parameters such as temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and turbidity have the potential to rapidly change in response to different types of local events within the environment. Collecting accurate, reliable, and efficient water quality data in the field helps government agencies, municipalities, utilities and private companies keep track of changes as part of their water quality monitoring programs. In this free webinar, we discuss the use of water quality field instrumentation for efficient attended monitoring at specific locations of interest.

Join us as we discuss spot checking applications relating to these topics:

  • QA/QC best practices for validating measurements at continuous monitoring sites
  • Data analysis and data post processing techniques (or fundamentals)
  • Vertical and horizontal profiling best practices
  • Calibration considerations when sampling different water bodies
  • Instrument transport and design considerations to protect your investment
  • Also, you will have the opportunity to participate in live polls and a live Q&A session with our guest speakers.



Alexa Robinson

Watershed Protection Specialist, City of Griffin Stormwater Department

Alexa has 10 years of experience in the field of water quality monitoring and public outreach with a B.S in Biology from Georgia State University. Alexa oversees the water quality monitoring program as well as the outreach and public education program for the City of Griffin. She is currently the Central Georgia Regional Director for the Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia and an award-winning Georgia Adopt-A-Stream Trainer.




Patrick Sanders

Water Quality Application Specialist, OTT Hydromet

Patrick has over 20 years of experience with environmental water monitoring sensors and systems. He has B.S. Environmental Biology from University of California, Davis. His professional and personal interests include aquatic ecosystem health and related impacts on human health.

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