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SatLink3 Logger/Transmitter SL3-1


SatLink3 Logger/Transmitter SL3-1

    New on the SL3

    • Expanded measurements from 16 to 32
    • Improved analog accuracy & additional analog channels
    • Two independent SDI-12 inputs expand SL3’s benefits.
      • (a) If an SDI sensor or SDI wires are damaged or knocked offline, the other SDI sensor will continue to operate.
      • (b) Two independent SDI ports also increase flexibility of SDI sensor scheduling.
    • Optional cell/Iridium modems for redundant 2-way communications
    • WiFi for operation with wireless devices, including smart phones, tablets and PCs
    • Expanded log from 120,000 to 1,000,000 readings
    • Improved GUI program that runs on Android, iPhone, PC or MAC devices
    • Expanded Operating Temperature Range (-40° C to +70° C)


    • Support for all Geostationary Environmental Satellites including GOES, METEOSAT, INSAT, MTSAT & CGMS.
    • Compact multi-communication logger with built-in SDI-12, Analog, Digital, RS485 & 4-20mA measurement circuitry with lightning protection
    • 2 Switched Power Outputs w/overload protection & 2 Digital Outputs for pulse or on/off control of attached devices
    • Optional modems for additional cellular or Iridium communications
    • Supports up to 32 measurements with independent schedules
    • Equation processing & multiple level averaging
    • Built-in WiFi simplifies set up using smart phone/tablet/PC or connect directly to a PC USB port
    • Use with LinkComm interface for intuitive programming (Android, iPhone, PC, MAC)
    • Optional data hosting with SutronWIN, for data collection, retrieval, and viewing via the web

    Benefits of SL3 with Iridium Communications

    • Ability to Increase Frequency of Transmissions for Event-Monitoring 
      • Use GOES most of the time then switch to IRIDIUM under alarm conditions
      • If alarms are triggered, SL3 collects & transmits more data more often
    • Adds 2-Way Communication to Remote Stations Anywhere in the World
      • Remote User Access – Users have the ability to change the setup or configuration remotely 
      • Improves Data Availability – Provides the ability to “ask” SL3 for data that may be missing to complete data records without gaps
      • Reduces Maintenance Costs – Reduction of a single field visit alone can cover the annual Iridium service cost for most stations
    • Data Back-Up Using Redundant Transmissions & Communications 
      • Transmit via GOES and Iridium

    Overview of Telemetry via Iridium

    • The Iridium® Global Satellite Constellation provides 2-way communications for remote stations anywhere in the world & delivers data how and when you want it. Since typical SBD messages range from 10 to 200 bytes, Iridium® is ideal for sending small amounts of data to and from extremely remote hydromet stations.
    •  Periodic transmissions at user set times with data in user selectable format (pseudobinary B, C, SHEF & ASCII) } Transmission of alarm messages at the time they are triggered by an event } Diagnostics to track amount of data being sent & performance of telemetry } IRIDIUM® stations are Alert compatible via SutronWIN } Supports remote data collection, maintenance or control of 2 on/off devices } Optional authentication of incoming messages to ensure trusted source
    • Sutron is an authorized IRIDIUM® Valued Added Reseller.
    • Meteorology and Climatology
    • Agrometeorology
    • Natural Resources
    • Oceanography
    • Transportation
    • Disaster Warning
    • Water Level and Flow
    • Water Quality
    • Hydrology
    • Air Quality
    • Visibility
    • Geotechnical
    • Structures
    • Energy
    • Precipitation
    • Relative Humidity
    • Soil Monitoring
    • Solar
    • Temperature


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    LinkComm Quickstart Guide
    3.2.8 Jun 20, 2016 1.15MB
    Quick start guide updated to s 
    SatLink 3 Manual
    8.05 Feb 17, 2017 4.61MB
    Operations and Maintenance Manual for all variations of the SatLink 3.


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    SatLink 3 PowerPoint Presentation
    Feb 25, 2016 17.74MB
    Presentation outlining the fea 
    SatLink 3 Webinar


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    LinkComm for Mac OS X
    3.2.27 Feb 17, 2017 34.38MB
    Change History:
    LinkComm for PC
    3.2.27 Feb 17, 2017 107.59MB
    Change History:
    SL3 Firmware
    805r2320 Feb 17, 2017 287.33KB
    New Enhancements from previous release (v804r2207):


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    SatLink 3 – NOAA NESDIS GOES Certificate
    May 9, 2016 93.79KB


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    Datalogger Comparison Chart
    Feb 25, 2016 2.45MB

    Quickstart Guides

    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    Firmware Upgrade QuickStart Guide
    May 9, 2016 693.92KB
    The document offers a step-by- 
    SatLink 3 Quick Start Guide
    1 Feb 25, 2016 334.68KB
    Quick Start Guide for SatLink  

    Tender Specifications

    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    SatLink 3 Tender Specifications
    May 24, 2016 17.33KB


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    SatLink3 Ordering Guide
    Feb 3, 2017 937.07KB

    SATLINK3 SPECIFICATIONS @ 25°C Specifications subject to change without notice
    Size 6.06 in. x 9.24 in. x 2 in.
    Weight 3.1 lbs (1.42kg)
    IP rating IP63
    Operating Temperature -40° C to +70° C
    Voltage 9-20 VDC
    Quiescent < 2 mA typ @12.5 VDC
    Independent channels 2
    Compliance V1.3 logger
    Power 500mA max
    Number of inputs 2
    Range* 0-5V
    Accuracy @ 25°C 0.004% typ
    Resolution 0.298 μV
    Number of Inputs 3
    Range* ± 39mV, ± 312mV, ± 2.5V
    Accuracy @ 25°C 0.004% typ
    Resolution 0.298 μV @ ± 2.5V scale
    ANALOG – 4-20ma
    Number of inputs 1
    Range 0-22mA
    Accuracy @ 25°C 0.02%
    Load Internal 200Ω
    DIGITAL – Inputs/Outputs
    Number of inputs 2, 0-15 V, optional low level input
    Input type Status, counter, frequency
    Max input frequency 10KHz, optional debouncing, internal pull
    Number of outputs 2
    Output types On/off/pulse Open collector w/100 ohm limiting resistor. 100mA, 15V max
    Precision analog reference 2.5V 10.0 mA
    Switch 12V 1.0 A (2 available)
    Protected 12V 1.0 A
    RS232 DB9
    USB Host Type A
    microSD Internal, Expandable Up to 32 GB
    RF output power 1.25-14 Watts depending on settings
    NOTE: In humid/hostile environments we RECOMMEND installing SatLink in a NEMA 4 enclosure. Sutron also recommends adding a lightning protection module such as the Sutron 6461-1240 for remote systems.
    SutronWIN Real-Time Web Hosting, Data Processing, Delivery, Storage, Alarms & Data Display
    9400-0400 SutronWIN Client Set Up (1-time fee for new Ac­count)
    9400-0401 Custom Starter Page (optional)
    9400-0402 SutronWIN Station Set Up (1-time fee/new Station)
    9400-0403 SutronWIN /Station Annual Fee, first 10 Stations

    *Nominal. Guaranteed Analog Input Range Over Temperature Is 0-4.98 V, ± 2.49 V, ± 311 mV, ± 38.9 mV.   Iridium Communications

    Operating Temperature -40° to +70° C
    Dimensions LxWxH 2.7” x 2.15” x .8” (6.9cm x 5.5cm x 2.1cm)
    Weight .075 lbs (34 g)
    Quiescent < 2 mA
    Listening < 22mA
    Transmitting < 35 mA
    Frequency Range 1616 to 1626.5 MHz
    TX Format SBD, Short Burst Data
    Input/Output Impedance 50 ohms
    Max. RF transmit power 1.6 W
    Coverage Global
    FCC ID Q639603N
    IC 4629A-9603N

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