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Exciting news here at OTT Hydromet. The Sutron SatLink3, one of the most popular data loggers in the market due to its Wi-Fi enabled logging transmitter for GOES, LTE, and Iridium transmissions, now supports a new, advanced, and flexible programming languages, Python. With Python, SatLink3 enables custom support for select sensors, enables specific behaviors like event triggered sampling and adaptable transmissions, and allows technicians, managers, and scientists to create customized solutions on demand.

In this tech note, you will learn:

  • More about the key benefits of using SatLink3 with Python
  • How PyCharm is useful when writing short scripts
  • Popular specific use case examples.


About SatLink3

Sutron’s SatLink3 provides a cost-effective way to measure, log, calculate and transmit data from remote locations around the world. The unit monitors 32 independent measurements of most hydrological, meteorological, environmental or related sensors. SL3 has built-in support for all CGMS satellites including GOES, EUMETSAT, INSAT and MTSAT for operation anywhere. Most often used directly connected to sensors and transmitting data on a user-set schedule, the Satlink3 has options for cellular and Iridium communications.


Download this tech note now!

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