Download the SatLink3 Modbus Tech Note!

Sutron SatLink3: NEW MODBUS Feature

Modbus is a communications protocol commonly used in industrial applications as well as Meteorology and Climatology, and Hydrology. In Hydrology, sensors with the Modus protocol allow for large amounts of data to be collected and communicated.


• In-depth explanation of Modbus capabilities
• How to setup SatLink3 as a Modbus Slave using LinkComm
• How to setup SatLink3 as a Modbus Master using LinkComm
• How to setup SatLink3 Modbus measurement configuration

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Sutron SatLink3 Unlocks Custom Programming with Python

In this tech note, you will learn more about the key benefits of using SatLink3 with Python, how PyCharm is useful when writing short scripts, and popular specific use case examples.

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