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Surface Velocity Radar for Measuring Open Channel Flow


OTT Hydromet has launched a new non-contact surface velocity radar (SVR) sensor. The OTT SVR 100 dramatically improves the simplicity and reliability of stream, river and open channel velocity measurements. Located safely above the water flow, the instrument is protected from the harmful effects of storms and floods and can be easily integrated into a remote monitoring system, for example a Sutron SatLink3. Compact and lightweight the SVR 100 is quick and easy to install in unobtrusive locations, with no requirement for staff to enter the water, improving safety and saving time and money.

Employing a highly accurate radar for non-contact operation the instrument also includes sensors for detecting potential sources of error. Measuring velocity and knowing the quality of your data especially during extremely high flows, when seconds can save lives, can make the difference and provide key insights for critical decisions.

Benefits of the SVR 100:

  • Virtually the most cost-effective continuous/installed velocity radar for hydrologic applications
  • Maintenance free; sensor installed above water surface to avoid fouling or damage
  • Measurement is not influenced by air bubbles or suspended loads from turbulent flows
  • Know the quality of each measurement value with summary metadata
  • Compatible with most dataloggers and transmitters, including Sutron SatLink3 and XLink


Learn more about the OTT SVR 100

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