2018 Hach Walk for Water

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2018 Hach Walk for Water

This May 5th will mark the 5th Annual Hach Walk for Water in support of Water Mission. If you’re not familiar Hach it is one of our sister companies in the Danaher Water Quality Platform. This year’s walk goal is to raise awareness of the global water crisis. Last year’s walk brought together almost 400 employees, family, and friends and raised over $65,000 to fund safe water projects to men, women, and children from Cambodia to Peru.

The walk is a three-mile route in which participants take along with them a bucket. At the beginning of the walk the bucket is empty, but once participants reach the half way mark they fill their buckets with dirty water. They then carry their buckets until the end of the walk when they run it through a water filtration system. The walk is done to symbolize the walk millions of women and children in developing countries take every day to gather water. Sometimes they might even walk as far as 4 miles to gather water which may even be contaminated.

Here are some great links to learn more information or how you can help!

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