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WS100 radar precipitation sensor

Discover the New Lufft WS100

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Fast, safe & maintenance-free: The WS100 radar precipitation sensor in use 

The Lufft WS100 is our maintenance-free radar precipitation sensor for hydro-meteorological monitoring. The only one of its kind – it recognizes the type and amount of precipitation from the first drop, and is preferred for remote locations.

WHY WS100?

The WS100 helps to make important operational decisions within a few seconds. With its modern radar technology and fast response rate, it detects precipitation from the first drop. This sensor is ideal for immediate detection of a precipitation event and highly suitable for urban hydrology and dense precipitation networks.

  • Absolutely maintenance-free operation
  • When every second counts
  • Differentiates the type of precipitation


What can you expect from the WS100 Sensor Guide?

Download our free sensor guide and you will discover:

  • A comparison of the radar measurement principle vs. other precipitation measurement methods
  • An overview of the WS100 radar precipitation sensor

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