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Sutron’s SatLink3 logging transmitter provides a cost-effective way to measure, log, calculate, and transmit data from remote locations around the world. The unit monitors up to 32 independent measurements of most hydrological, meteorological, and environmental sensors.

Starting with firmware version 8.07, SatLink3 features Modbus support. Modbus is a communications protocol commonly used in industrial applications as well as meteorology and climatology, and hydrology. With SatLink3, it can now be configured as a Modbus slave and limited Modbus master.

Want to learn more information about Satlink3’s New Modbus Feature?

Download the SatLink3 MODBUS Tech Note 

Discussed topics include:

  • In-depth explanation of Modbus capabilities
  • How to setup SatLink3 as a Modbus Slave using LinkComm
  • How to setup SatLink3 as a Modbus Master using LinkComm
  • How to setup SatLink3 Modbus measurement configuration

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