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Sutron XLink 100/500 Logging Transmitter


Sutron XLink 100/500 Logging Transmitter

    • Features :  RS-232 and RS-485, Switchable SDI-12 power, USB-Host, RS-232, Cellular, Iridium, Data Logger
    • Product highlights: Plug and play modem, custom programming with Python Scripts (XLlink500), up to 32 measurements, log up to 1,000,000 readings, USB flash drive, secure communication (TLS 1.2 ciphers), multiple interfaces and protocols (HTTP,TCP/IP,FTP), and 3 levels of security to configure, perform maintenance or access data
    • IP-Communication : Yes
    • Sensor interfaces: SDI-12, RS-232, RS-485
    Plug and Play Modem Card
    • Reduce modem setup time with automatic modem recognition
    • Field exchangeable, easily move from one telemetry type or service carrier to another
    • Keep up with fast moving cellular/telecom technologies (e.g., 3G to 4G)
    Custom Programming with Python Scripts (available with XLink 500)
    • Supports applications beyond standard configuration, including custom measurements, transmission formats and user defined computations
    • Modern, easy to learn scripting language with strong and growing developer community
    Two-way communication and remote configuration
    • All datalogger features and configuration options available remotely via cell
    • Reduce time and cost of visiting field station to check, change, or download configuration or turn on/off instruments
    • Improve data access and ask for missing data if transmissions are missed

    Simple and intuitive software

    • LinkComm software used with all Sutron XLink and SatLink 3 dataloggers
    • Common software reduces training requirements
    • Simple setup over Wi-Fi using a smart phone, tablet or PC
    • Pair with Hydromet Cloud, web-hosted software, to access and manage real-time data and alerts

    USB flash drive

    • Quickly modify configuration or upgrade firmware
    • Automatically download data, diagnostics and events
    • Load Python scripts
    Collect more data more often while in alarm
    • Reduce transmission costs by sending data more frequently only when data is needed at a faster interval
    • User definable alarm thresholds and adaptable intervals
    Secure communication
    • Send encrypted data over secure HTTPS
    • HTTP(S), FTP(S) and Socket (TCP/IP) transmission protocols
    Small foot print datalogger
    • Reduce enclosure costs with smaller footprint datalogger
    • Easy to conceal small datalogger and enclosure
    Supports multiple interfaces and protocols
    • Use with wide range of sensors, including SDI -12, RS-232 and RS-485
    • Simple configuration of SDI-12, SDI-12 over RS-485 and ModBus (Master or Slave; RTU or ASCII) sensors
    • Easily connect external modems or displays
    • Supports common formats, including: ASCII, CSV, SHEF, Pseudobinary, OTT MIS
    • Remote and urban environmental monitoring
    • Surface water stream gaging
    • Water quality monitoring
    • Basic meteorological stations


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    XLINK 500/100 Manual
    8.22 Oct 15, 2018 4.30MB
    Change List:


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    LinkComm for Android
    3.4.15 Feb 7, 2019 43.58MB
    Change History:
    LinkComm for Mac OS X
    3.4.15 Feb 7, 2019 49.02MB
    Change History:
    LinkComm for PC
    3.4.15 Feb 7, 2019 62.51MB
    Change History:
    XL100/500 firmware
    824r3015 Jan 14, 2019 487.52KB
    New features:


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    Product Brochure Xlink EN-US
    1.0 Oct 17, 2018 2.57MB
    English Product Brochure
    Product Brochure Xlink ES
    1.0 Oct 17, 2018 2.60MB
    Spanish Product Brochure
    XLink 100/500 Product Guide
    Dec 5, 2018 2.65MB

    Quickstart Guides

    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    Xlink2 Quick Start Guide
    C Dec 10, 2018 4.88MB
    Corrections to front cover page

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