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Road Weather Information Station (RWIS)


Road Weather Information Station (RWIS)

    Sutron Corporation’s customized Road Weather Information Stations are equipped with a wide array of components. All stations use state-of-the art dataloggers with latest communications technology and are 100% customized to meet the local conditions. Some of the most important features include –
    • Economical yet reliable for long term climate data
    • Meteorological grade accuracy
    • Extremely easy to use – No Programming required
    • Plug ‘n’ play configuration
    • Reliable under extreme weather conditions. (-40 Deg C to +60 Deg C)
    • 0-99% humidity conditions
    • WMO Compliant Sensors with Highest accuracy and quality standards
    • All pre-wired and tested at Sutron factory using ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
    • Fully customizable ( Select the mounting that suits your local or regional needs)
    • Fully expandable ( Communications and Optional sensors can be added later)
    • Comes with a standard 2-year warranty
    • Guaranteed to last 15+ years* ( if properly maintained)
    • Installation guidelines and manual included
    • Guaranteed free technical support for the lifetime of the station (phone and email)
    • Option for Dual Telemetry
    • Easy Integration with HTMS Software’s
    • Easy connectivity with LAN/Optical Fiber Cable Network.
    • Road Weather Monitoring
    • Toll plaza weather
    Dataloggers & Controllers
    • 9210B XLite
    • 8310
    • 7310


    • Ethernet/LAN port
    • Optical fiber
    • Cellular Communications
    • LOS Radios
    • Direct Connect


    • Air Temperature and Relative Humidity
    • Wind Speed/Wind Direction
    • Road Surface Temperature Sensor
    • Precipitation (hourly, Daily and/or Accumulated)
    • Visibility

     Optional Sensors

    • Barometric Pressure
    • Air Quality Sensors

    Mounting Hardware

    • 3 Meter, 6 Meter or 10 Meter Tower or
    • Tripod
    • T-Frame Mast or
    • Custom mounting hardware is available to meet your requirements


    • Autopoll
    • SutronWin
    • XConnect

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