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Agrimeteorological Station


Agrimeteorological Station

    Sutron Corporation’s customized Portable Weather Stations are equipped with a wide array of components. All stations use state-of-the art dataloggers with latest communications technology and are 100% customized to meet the local conditions. Some of the most important features include –
    • Economical yet reliable for long term climate data
    • Meteorological grade accuracy
    • Extremely easy to use – No Programming required
    • Plug ‘n’ play configuration
    • Reliable under extreme weather conditions. (-40 Deg C to +60 Deg C)
    • 0-99% humidity conditions
    • WMO Compliant Sensors with Highest accuracy and quality standards
    • All pre-wired and tested at Sutron factory using ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
    • Fully customizable ( Select the mounting that suits your local or regional needs)
    • Fully expandable ( Communications and Optional sensors can be added later)
    • Comes with a standard 2-year warranty
    • Guaranteed to last 15+ years* ( if properly maintained)
    • Installation guidelines and manual included
    • Guaranteed free technical support for the lifetime of the station (phone and email)
    • Data Loggers & Controllers

      • 9210B XLite
      • 8310
      • 7310


      • Satellite Communications
      • Cellular Communications
      • LOS Radios
      • Direct Connect


      • Air Temperature and Relative Humidity
      • Barometric Pressure
      • Wind Speed/Wind Direction S
      • Solar Radiation
      • Precipitation (hourly, Daily and/or Accumulated)
      • Soil Moisture
      • Soil Temperature
      • Leaf Wetness
      • Evaporation with evaporation pan

      Calculated Parameters (Depending on the logger selected)

      • Hours of Sun
      • Dew Point
      • ET (Evapotranspiration using Penman Boltzmann’s equation)

            Optional Sensors

      •   Soil Moisture
      •   Soil Temperature
      •   Leaf Wetness

      Mounting Hardware

      • 3 Meter Tower or
      • Tripod or
      • T-Frame Mast or
      • Custom mounting hardware is available to meet your requirements


      • SutronWin
      • XConnect
      • Tempest
    • Brochure
    • Agrimet System   – PowerPoint Presentation
    • Useful Links
      • Manufactured with the highest quality standards in USA

      All Sutron Corporation manufactured products are made in the USA using highest quality ISO9001:2008 standards. Sutron uses only the highest quality system components to ensure that the stations are available for long term and very reliable.

      • Ability to Respond Rapidly, Especially in Challenging Environments

      Because we engineer, manufacture, integrate & install our own systems, problems are quickly & easily dispatched without data interruption. Items supplied by third party (not manufactured by Sutron) are selected using the same rigorous standards of quality assurance.

      • Highest Level of Customer Service in the Industry

      Our Unparalleled Level of Customer Service – the key to Sutron’s success – is unequalled. We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives. We offer free technical support via email, skype or phone as long as you own our products.

      • Excellence, Dependability & Consistency since 1975

      We’re proud of our reputation for field-proven dependability & consistency. Today there are many USGS hydro-met stations in the US operating right now using a Sutron datalogger installed 25 years ago.

      • Environmental Conditions

      All Sutron Corporation equipment are provided to meet the harshest and extreme environmental temperature conditions (-40 dec C to +60 Deg C)

      • Two Year Warranty

      All Sutron manufactured products stations and systems comes with a standard two year warranty. The buy-ship or third party items carry the original manufacturer’s warranty. Some sensors may come only with one year warranty.

      • Free Lifetime Technical Support for all Sutron-Manufactured Equipment

      Sutron Corporation guarantees that equipment manufactured by Sutron’s Production Division will receive support (phone, email, Skype, Go-To-Meeting) for the lifetime of the instrumentation, even beyond the Warranty period. Please check Sutron’s Custom Service Policy for more information.

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