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To make sure analog will work, do this setup

Go to

Station Setup -> Connected Sensor -> Select any Analog reading (do NOT select encoder)

Station Setup -> Stage Interval -> Select desired LOGGING interval

Station Setup -> Sensor Warmup -> Select desired warmup (time between analog power on and analog calibration)  No matter what this number is, SDR will always wait a minumum of 500ms.

Station Setup -> Slope -> set to 1.0

Station Setup -> Offset -> set to 0

Station Setup -> Stage Right Digits -> set to 6 to see uV

The Analog Development interface

Go to

Analog Dev Menus, press right to enter the development menus

When exiting MAKE SURE THE UNIT DOES NOT TIME OUT (5 minutes) while anywhere in the Analog Dev Menus.

Entering the analog dev tree will cause Vref and Switched to be turned on.

Logging is disabled while in the analog dev tree.

Analog Reading: puts the AD7794 into continous measurement mode and makes a reading with the current setup.  does no calibration or warmup.  shows the result immediately.  only one sample is taken, no logging or averaging is done.

Config Register: press right to edit any AD7794 config register setting

Mode Register: press right to edit any AD7794 mode register setting

Analog Meas setup: press right to access the warmup and number of samples

Make sure to go to Analog Dev Menus -> Analog Meas Setup -> Number of Samples and select how many samples you want logged and analyzed every Stage Interval

Any changes made in these menus will reflect on all analog readings made by the SDR.  For example if the gain is changed to 2 in the config register, then the analog readings made when stage measurements are logged will be made with a gain of 2.

The only exception is the operating mode: the mode will be powerdown when not making measurements and calibartion and continous when making measuremests.


Every Stage Interval (selected by you), the unit will take Number of Samples readings.

The average will be logged as stage.  Each of the samples take will be logged as analog raw.  RMS, Min and Max will also be logged.

Before the samples are taken the unit goes thru this sequence:

  • Turn on VRef and Switched
  • Wait user warmup (min 500ms regardless of user selection)
  • Calibration:
  • If no chop, issue zero – scale calibration command
    • Wait for cal to complete
  • Issue full scale calibration (unless gain is 128)
    • Wait for cal to complete
  • Place AD7794 in continous measurement mode
  • Take a sample
    • Log sample
    • Make min, max, rms and average calculations.
    • Wait for next sample to be read
    • Go back to taking sample
  • Finish all calculations (rms and average)
  • Log all results
  • Turn off VRef and Switched
  • Place AD7794 in shutdown mode

Note that logging is disabled while in the analog dev tree.

Live Stage Reading

This reading is similar to the logged reading with the following expceptions:

  • No data is logged
  • RMS, min and max are not calcualted

Donwloading Logged Data

  • Run SdrComm
  • Ignore and click OK on any warning messages
  • Go to Data Tab
  • Click Download

In the Download Log window select the following

  • Download: “Start time” to end of log
  • Start Time: whenever you started logging
  • File Name: anything you like, just not any file currently open by Excel
  • Content: either Data or Both
  • Format: Flat
  • Open After Download: checked
  • Click Download button.

Interpreting the log:


262 = analog raw

264 = min of all raw readings

265 = max of all raw readings

266 = rms of all raw readings

Stage = average of all raw readings