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OTT Hydromet 2017 in review

2017 the Year in Review

This year has proven to be a very eventful one here at OTT Hydromet! Let’s take a look back at some highlights:


SatLink3 Modifications and Updates 


SatLink3 Introduced New Modbus Feature




Satlink3 Expanded Capabilities Beyond Just Goes with Iridium or Cellular




SatLink3 Unlocked Custom Programming with Python




Product Launches


Hydromet Cloud Product Launch




HYDROLAB® HL7 Water Quality Sonde Product Launch




LUFFT WS100 Radar Precipitation Sensor Product Launch




In the News 


OTT Hydromet sensors for measuring water level played a critical role during Hurricane Harvey






OTT Hydromet Held Summer 2017 Hydro-Met Systems Training



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