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Thompson’s Mills is a unique survivor of times past, chronicling 150 years of Oregon rural life, and honoring the owners who adapted the mill to the changing world around it. It is the last water-powered mill in the state and its turbines can be seen in action today. Currently, water level is monitored at one station and by the Fall of 2017, at two stations, to inform decisions on how to manage the gates in order to maintain water levels within a specific threshold

Hydrologic products and data management services offered by Sutron and OTT Hydromet play a critical part in the management Thompson’s Mills water resources. Want to read more about how Hydromet Cloud is making a difference at Thompson’s Mills?

Download the case study and learn more about:

  • Why water levels are monitored in near real-time
  • Thompson’s Mills monitoring solution
  • Advantages of web accessible time series data


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Additional information on the Heritage Site

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