Visual Case Study: HYDROLAB Sonde Survivor – HYDROLAB DS5

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Visual Case Study: HYDROLAB Sonde Survivor - HYDROLAB DS5

The HYDROLAB DS5 multiparameter water quality sonde offers for maximum capability and flexibility the choice of any of HYDROLAB’s 17 superior sensors for either profiling or unattended monitoring.

DS5 Features: 

  • Seven universal sensor ports that allow custom configuration
  • Measures up to 16 parameters simultaneously (some sensors provide multiple parameters)
  • Capable of measurements using any of HYDROLAB’S 17 sensors
  • Flexible design for use in either profiling or long-term deployments


Tetra Tech, a premier worldwide consulting and engineering firm, focusing on water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development services, shared their experience with HYDROLAB DS5 sondes

Tetra Tech 

Longmont, Colorado

“We currently maintain a network of seven DS-5 sondes to monitoring real-time water quality (pH, conductivity, and chloride) in the Purgatoire Watershed of southern Colorado. The DS-5 sondes were deployed in 2010 and have been monitoring water quality year round at 15-minute intervals for nearly five years. The durability and reliability of the DS-5 has been quite impressive considering year round operation in such a harsh environment. Freezing conditions during the winter months put added stress on the DS-5 housing and probes while flood conditions during the summer months expose each DS-5 unit to gravels and other debris. The durability and reliability of the DS-5 sonde has definitely helped improve the quality of our monitoring program by minimizing lost data due to repairs.”

HYDROLAB DS5 in the mud


Continued working through flood season


The HYDROLAB DS5 still continued to work even after its enclosure broke


Still working in frozen water


Continued working even in extremely cold conditions


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