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SatLink3 Iridium Modem Option Video

Watch Now: SatLink3 Iridium Modem Option Video!

The ability to connect to the SatLink3 using various communications, such as Iridium, offers the unique ability to transmit and receive data from multiple sources all through a single transceiver – ensuring transmission redundancy and security.

Features and Benefits of SatLink3 with Iridium Communications

Ability to Increase Frequency of Transmissions for Event-Monitoring

  • Use GOES for scheduled transmissions then switch to IRIDIUM under alarm conditions
  • If alarms are triggered, SL3 collects & transmits more data more often

Adds 2-Way Communication to Remote Stations Anywhere in the World

  • Remote User Access – Users have the ability to change the setup or configuration remotely
  • Improves Data Availability – Provides the ability to “ask” SL3 for data that maybe missing to complete data records without gaps. Reduces Maintenance Costs – Reduction of a single field visit alone can cover the annual Iridium service cost for most stations

Data Back-Up Using Redundant Transmissions & Communications

  • Transmit via GOES and Iridium




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