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Real-Time Data from the Field to your Desktop

Use XConnect to achieve greater efficiency, enhanced accuracy, reduced cost & technological advantage
  • Data collection, data processing,
    data validation & data storage
    with multiple options
  • Running Windows®, it handles any
    & all RTU communications - from the simplest to satellite - with instant desktop supervisory control (SCADA) & data access.
  • Unlimited Reporting Products
    & Alarms including data view,
    graphs, trending, diagnostics, etc.
  • Easy implementation & integration
    of future applications & existing
    system upgrades without the need
    for consulting dependency.
  • Solidly built on cutting edge relational database architecture, XConnect puts data at your fingertips & provides the
    most powerful open system available for data collection, data processing & data storage.

XTerm for Pocket PC

SatLink Communications for Pocket PC Softwar


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For 30 years Sutron has specialized in collecting & delivering remote data in your specified format because it’s not real-time if you have to wait to use it.


  • Customer-designed hydro-met data collection at a fraction of the cost of in-house or alternative solutions. You save critical capital upfront & reduce support & expansion costs.
  • Automated communications from PC server to all RTUs, no matter how remote
  • Flexible & scalable relational database with multiple storage formats: PCBase2 Binary files, ODBC (Oracle®, Microsoft® Access), ASCII day files, and Microsoft® Excel, XML
  • Unlimited Reporting Products & Alarm including graphs, trending, diagnostics, etc.
  • Real-time error detection flags - supports multiple alarm detection thresholds plus "no change" checks (e-mail & paging notification available)
  • Real-time data processing (including table lookups) prior to data storage
  • Communications diagnostics tools.
  • Instant Implementation reduces connection time & expense & immediate improvement of data flow process
  • Runs on any Windows® device with no additional configuration
  • Unlimited Expandability
  • Demonstrated project success
  • Quality Flags - Supports 2 alarm detection thresholds plus “no change” checks.
  • Flexible Time Tags - can be set to the second.
  • Communicates with entire family of Sutron RTUs using Sutron Standard Protocol. Optional historical data tables for post-processing, automated calculation & statistics storage - MIN, MAX, SUM, MEAN...
  • Communications diagnostics tools
  • Optional satellite message decoder module & utilities.
  • Runs under Windows® - key modules implemented as automation servers w/future transition to ® services
  • COM servers allow 3rd party software link to data in real-time. XConnect modules implemented as automation servers for exchange of methods & data among popular programs & development environments. DDE protocol maintained.
  • All modules have intuitive GUIs & help files.
  • XC Reports comes with a library of pre-defined time series & maintenance reports.
  • Easily add reports of user’s own design to XConnect Reports Library.
  • Continued field & software support, maintenance, & technology advances long after the solution is launched with basic maintenance contract.


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