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GPRSLink 2-Way Logging Transmitter


GPRSLink 2-Way Logging Transmitter

    • Easy-to-use Software includes setup program.
    • Terminal strip with screw terminals for I/O and power connections
    • Operates 8-16VDC
    • TCXO real-time clock with battery backup (+/-4ppm)
    • Built-in solar panel regulator
    • Support for up to 16 measurements of the following inputs:
      • •      SDI-12/RS485 (shared as is done in the Bubbler)
      • •      5 Analog inputs:
        •           1. Two (2) single ended inputs (range 0-5V)
        •           2. Two (2) differential inputs (range +/-39mv, +/-312mV, +/-2.5V) 3. One (1) 4-20mA input
      • •      2 digital inputs. They can be used for tipping bucket, frequency, and on/off inputs
      • •      internal temperature
      • •      Battery voltage
    • Options to average or accumulate any measurement.
    • Lightning protection (Gas Tube) on all external inputs.
    • User specified equation on any measurement .
    • User specified alarm detection on any measurement.
    • 2 LED for verification/diagnostics.
    • Log capacity of 240K of data accessible via GPRS and direct connect
    • Switched Battery Output
    • Also operates as a standalone recorder without Telemetry
    • USB slave for serial connection to PC. THE USB PORT WILL NOT SUPPORT typical USB devices like memory sticks, modems, etc.
    • RealTime Clock operates with internal lifetime battery
    • Telemetry via GPRS
      • 1. Periodic transmissions at user set times with data in user selectable format (pseudobinary B, C, SHEF & ASCII)
      • 2. Support for primary and secondary master stations via GPRS
      • 3. Alarm transmissions as they are detected.
      • 4. Diagnostics to help track of the amount of data being sent and the performance of the telemetry
      • 5. Support for remote commands for data collection, maintenance or control of two on/off devices
      • 6. Optional authentication of incoming messages to insure they are from a trusted source & optional authentication of messages sent to SUTRONWIN via GPRS
      • 7. SMS transmissions if GPRS fails or in place of GPRS
      • 8. Extremely affordable
      • 9. GPRS modems use wireless cellular technology and provide data access in most areas where a typical cell phone works.
    • Surface waterlevel,flow and quality
    • Groundwaterlevel and quality
    • Offshore X‐Linking
    • Mining / geotechnical
    • Weather X‐Linking and warning
    • Oceanic X‐Linking and warning
    • Oil and gas production
    • Any low‐power,remote data acquisition system


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    GPRSLink 2-Way Logging Transmitter
    Apr 2, 2015 445.13KB
    X-Link with Display (6661-1324-1) Datasheet
    1.0 Apr 28, 2015 175.63KB
    X-Link Display is an accessory 


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    XLink O&M Manual
    1.72 Nov 1, 2017 5.03MB
    Added documentation on modbus master.
    LinkComm Quickstart Guide
    3.2.8 Jun 20, 2016 1.15MB
    Quick start guide updated to s 


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    GPRSLink Product Presentation
    Apr 1, 2014 22.40MB
    Product Presentation for GPRSL 


    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    LinkComm for Android
    3.3.20 Nov 1, 2017 32.28MB
    Change History:
    LinkComm for Mac OS X
    3.3.20 Nov 1, 2017 36.65MB
    Change History:
    LinkComm for PC
    3.3.20 Nov 1, 2017 112.13MB
    Change History:
    Pseudobinary decoder
    1.0 Sep 26, 2014 433.50KB
    software used to manually deco 

    Tender Specifications

    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    GPRSLink Tender Specifications
    Jan 16, 2015 16.62KB

    Wireless Cost Estimator

    File Name Revision Number Release Date File Size Description
    Wireless Cost Estimator
    Aug 5, 2014 125.50KB


    Specifications subject to change without notice

    Measurement Interval 1 second to 24 hours
    Number of Measurements 16 supported
    ANALOG 2 Single ended, 2 Differential, 1 4-20ma
    Single-Ended Analog 0-5 V (with respect to ground)
    Number available 2
    Input Range 0 to 5V (with respect to ground)
    Resolution 0.298 μV
    Noise (p/p) @250C 25.0 μV (p/p)
    Accuracy @250C 0.003% (typ) Midscale

    0.004% Max

    Input Impedence > 1 MegOhm @250C
    Differential Analog 0.06%
    Number Available 2
    Range (SW selectable) ±39mV; Common Mode Voltage Range .3 to 3.9 Volts

    ±312mV; Common Mode Voltage Range .3 to 3.9 Volts

    ±2.5V ; Common Mode Voltage Range .1 to 4.9 Volt

    Resolution 4.657 nV @ ±39mv scale, 37.25 nV @ ±312mv scale,

    298 nV @ ±2.5 scale.

    Noise (p/p) @250C 10 μV (p/p) ±39 mv / 312 mv scale

    20 μV (p/p) ±2.5 v scale


    Accuracy @250C

    Input Impedance

    >5 Meg Ohm 312mV FS Differential @250C
    4-20 mA Analog


    Accuracy @250C

    Loop Power

    Loop Resistance

    0 – 22mA




    100 Ohm built-in load

    Digital Input 1,2

    Tipping Bucket Type

    Switch Contact Type.

    Pulse Width: 30ms – 120ms.

    Range: DC to 120 tips/min. (min).

    Digital Input 1,2

    Frequency Type

    10KHz max, optional debouncing (300 Hz max)
    Minimum Frequency Input Range 2.8 Hz

    0 – 5 V

    Maximum Frequency 10 KHz
    Digital Input 1,2 Counter Type
    Maximum Frequency 10 kHz (with no debouncing)
    Input Range 300 Hz (with debouncing)

    0- 5 Volts

    Input Voltage 8-16VDC

    10 V minimum for SDI-12 sensor support

    Reverse power protected

    Current Consumption 0.5mA standby typ (all sensors unpowered) 8 to 20mA active typ
    GPRS Transmission <50mA @ 12 Volts
    Power Connection 2 position terminal strip
    SDI-12 Port 3 position terminal strip
    Red Warning LED Indicates setup or operation error
    Green Heartbeat LED Indicates unit operating properly
    Earth GND .2” screw terminal
    Temperature -40°C to +60°C
    Humidity 0-95% Non-condensing
    Clock Internal real-time clock w/battery backup.
    Accuracy ±9.3 s /month(Max) -40 to +60°C. (First Year)
    Accuracy ±2.4 min /year (Max) -40 to +60°C. (First Year)
    Accuracy ±4.5 min / 10 years (Max) -40 to +60°C. (10 Years)
    Log Capacity 240,000 readings, flash memory
    USB Port Connector Serial Communications / USB port
    Mini-B Male USB connector on logger to be connected to USB Type-A Male (Windows PC).

    LinkComm software included for USB port communications

    Internal Solar Panel Battery Charger 5 – 20W Panels. (Max 30 Watts)

    Automatic charge & float modes protect gel cell & acid batteries.

    GPRS modem

    Quad Band GPRS Modem SMA-F Output RF Jack

    Modem factory installed, internal with RF output jack for antenna.
    1 USB Mini-B Male (5 pin) Connector Serial Communications – USB. Not full function USB port.

    GPRS Modem


    RS485 (future support)

    SDI-12 interface V1.3 compliant recorder
    Supports up to 16 SDI-12 sensors

    Automatically combines requests to the same device

    +12V @ 500mA

    DIMENSIONS Operating Shipping


    5.3″ (13.5 cm) 14 in. (35.6 cm.)


    3.8″ (9.7 cm) 10 in. (25.4 cm.)


    1.3″ (3.4 cm) 6 in. (15.3 cm.)


    1 lbs. (.46 kg) 2 lbs. (0.9 Kg)
    NOTES: Please refer to the XLink Product Family User Manual for full product specifications and variations.

    RM Young Pulse Type Wind Speed & Direction Sensors supported, however they must be amplified & limited to 5 volts. (i.e., Sutron model #5600-0200) Do not use a non-amplified sensor SUTRON RECOMMENDS: RM Young Wind Speed & Direction Sensor (model #5600-0201) with an integrated amplifier

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